About Us

Meet Erin Donnelly & Heather Loduca - Founders of Pink Wall Designs

Erin brings a wealth of experience from her extensive background in house flipping, property conversions, project management, design, and development. Her hands-on expertise in transforming properties into captivating spaces is complemented by her status as a licensed realtor. This credential provides Erin with exclusive access to market data, enabling her to make informed decisions that enhance the appeal and functionality of each project. Her dual proficiency in real estate and design ensures that each investment not only meets but exceeds industry standards, making her a pivotal figure in the hospitality and real estate investing worlds

Heather expertly fuses marketing insight with design to ensure each property is visually captivating and market-aligned. With a background in marketing, design, real estate investing and staging she brings these skills to each project and property. Having produced viral Airbnb’s, Heather has set new trends in the short-term rental market from millions of social media views, celebrity brand partnerships and TV appearances. Heather's ability to blend aesthetics with strategic market positioning makes her an influential figure in the industry.