Setting Up Your Short-Term Rental: Essentials for Canada and the US

As you've probably already realized, designing and managing a short-term rental (STR), whether it be a small Airbnb or a boutique hotel is no small feat.

Depending on the condition of your property when you decide to convert it into an STR, there's a ton of groundwork to be done before you can launch. This includes defining your target market and property goals, undertaking renovations, coordinating with tradespeople, crafting a design scheme, sourcing materials, executing the plan, and adhering to budget constraints. Factor in tight timelines and inevitable unexpected challenges, and you've certainly got your hands full!

Once your property is ready to welcome guests, ensuring it's a functional space for your intended visitors becomes paramount. (We won't even get into the complexities of day-to-day STR operations just yet! Stay tuned for more insights on this.)

With so much to consider, The Pink Wall Designs Team is here to lighten your workload!

We specialize in all aspects of short-term rentals. Whether you need our expertise as designers, seek project consultations, or simply enjoy getting the insider tips and inspiration from us, we're eager to assist.


To support you in hosting, we've compiled a FREE list of essential items for short-term rentals.

These lists cater to both Canada and the United States and feature Amazon links to our recommended products for kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms, entertainment areas, bedrooms, exteriors, laundry rooms, and more.


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