Everything You Need to Know About Bunk Beds



If you're investing in the short-term rental market, you understand the importance of maximizing occupancy to boost your earnings. Heads in beds is the name of the game, and bunk beds are a savvy choice! 

Bunk beds are not just about providing more sleeping space; they're about optimizing your property's capacity and profitability. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the game, integrating them can significantly enhance your rental's appeal and revenue potential.

Ready to explore how bunk beds can elevate your short-term rental investment? Here's everything you need to consider before making your purchase!

Entry-Level Bunk Beds (Low Tier)

These beds are budget-friendly but come with some trade-offs. While they may not dazzle with their appearance, they get the job done. However, be prepared for a lengthy assembly process—they often arrive in numerous pieces. If you're hiring someone for assembly, factor in the extra cost. 
Despite these drawbacks, they're a practical choice if budget is your primary concern.


Mid-Range Bunk Beds (Medium Tier)

Investing a bit more upfront pays off with better aesthetics and easier assembly. These beds typically come in fewer pieces and offer sturdier frames, making them a more attractive option for both guests and hosts. 
This is a balanced choice if you’re looking for a good compromise between cost and quality.


High-End Bunk Beds (Higher-End Tier)

For those prioritizing quality and convenience, consider higher-end options like Icon Bunks. This company is one we know personally, and absolutely love! Their bunk beds are custom-made, ensuring they blend seamlessly into any decor. They are also fully assembled, sparing you from headaches. 
While they come with a higher price tag, the superior craftsmanship and hassle-free setup justify the investment if you value top-notch guest experiences!



Choosing the right bunk bed ultimately depends on your budget and priorities. Whether you opt for affordability, mid-range quality, or premium craftsmanship, understanding these tiers will help you make an informed decision that enhances both the comfort of your guests and the appeal of your rental property.


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    Bonus tip: Though we normally love a duvet set for bedrooms, they are not very bunk-friendly, so we normally opt for comforter sets here. Check out the image and link above for an example!

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