Elevate Your Bedroom: Tips for Hanging Pendant Lights



Welcome to our first official lesson for the Pink Wall Designs Academy, as seen on Instagram and Tik TokRead on for our #1 tip to hanging pendant lights.

When designing short-term rentals to attract guests, every detail counts to create a space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. One element that can significantly enhance the ambiance of a bedroom is the lighting.

While traditional table lamps have long been a staple, pendant lights offer a chic and modern alternative that can transform the entire feel of your bedroom. 

This look is very trendy right now, and we are LOVING it! 

For example:

To hack this look, you can opt for a plug-in option with a hanging wall sconce, or you can do a hook from the ceiling. But, if you’re going to wire it into the ceiling properly, DO NOT skip this next step!

Everyone thinks they’re safe enough to say, “oh, in this room it’s going to be a queen bed… that’s x amount of inches… In this room, it’s going to be a king bed, that’s x amount of inches”. But, what people often forget is that bed frames are very different. Even though the square for the mattress will be the same standard dimensions, because of padding or wood, or something aesthetically pleasing, the bedframe could actually be much wider. Even though it might just be a couple of inches, that can be the difference between your pendants hanging centered with your nightstands, or a bit closer to the bed, resulting in guests hitting their heads when getting into the bed. 

So, if you’re going to do this, although it seems a bit farther in the process to pick the bed frame first, PICK THE BED FRAME FIRST! Know exactly how wide it is, and then do your measuring for your pendant lights and your wiring. You will end up with a much cleaner, sophisticated, professional, and intentional look!


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